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DMin Orientation              

DMin theses (TREN and RIM) 教牧博士论文             

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Pray for Us  通讯与代祷 

Pray for Us (Index)  通讯与代祷 (索引) 

Research Resources 线上神学研究资料 

建道神学院基督教中文期刊 (索引) 仅限中文繁体字输入搜寻                        

香港中文期刊论文索引 [新资源] 



Useful Database for Psychology & Counselling 心理学与辅导资源 (DTL login required)  

National Taiwan Normal University <Bulletin of Educational Psychology> 国立台湾师范大学《教育心理学报》  [新资源]  

Taiwan Counseling Net 台湾心理谘商资讯网 (请自行免费订阅) [新资源]

EricData Chinese 高等教育知识库 (DTL login required 需数码神学图书馆密码登入)

AiritiLibrary 华艺学术资源库 (DTL login required 需数码神学图书馆密码登入) [新资源]


   Opening Hours   开放时间


    Library Opening Hours  

   ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈  图书馆开放时间      

Semester Time  学期时间 (until 11 Nov 2021)

Mon - Fri (周一至周五)        9am - 7pm

Sat (周六)                            9am - 1pm

Closed on Sundays and public holidays



Closing Chapel 散學禮 (12 Nov 2021)

Fri (周五)        11:30am - 5pm


Semester Time  学期假期 (12-30 Nov 2021)

Mon - Fri (周一至周五)        9am - 5pm

Closed on Saturady, Sundays and public holidays


1-31/12/2021 Closed

12月1-31日  關閉


SBC Library: Important updates on patron visits 

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated persons can borrow and return books but should not remain in the library for study.

Please take note of the following updates of the library,  

  1. The library's open hours are 9am - 7pm, Monday to Friday; and 9am - 1pm, Saturday. 
  2. We allow a maximum of 45 patrons in the library at one time.   
  3. Patrons are encouraged to sign up for time slots in advance via our booking system on SBC library main webpage. Each time slot will be for 2 hours.
  4. All patrons who enter the library shall keep all safety measures. 

Library Management 

To apply for time slots to enter the library , please fill in the "Application Form for Entry into SBC Library" found under "Forms" on this webpage.





  1. 图书馆的开放时间,改为星期一至星期五上午9点至晚上7点;星期六上午9点至下午1点。
  2. 我们一次最多允许 45 位使用者进入图书馆。
  3. 欲前来使用图书馆者,请使用预订时段系统,预先登记前来时段,每个时段为2个小时
  4. 所有入馆使用者均须遵守所有安全措施规定




Notices   通告


Visitors 访客

All Visitors are requested to register at the library counter



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